The Best CBSE School For The Best Future

The Best CBSE School For The Best Future

Momentum Global School is known for the quality education it provides to the students and for helping them in shaping their future. It believes that dreams can be changed into reality with labor, passion, hard work, and discipline. It is the Best CBSE School in Gorakhpur that takes all the necessary steps in shaping up the future pillars. The students are prepared to face the tough challenges of the world. As the name suggests Momentum Global School prepares its students academically by giving them knowledge of things happening around the globe.

A School That Prepares The Students For The Toughest Exams:

The teachers of Momentum Global School are very polite and understanding towards the students which makes it count among the Best School in Gorakhpur. The generous attitude of the teachers while dealing with the students makes them feel the difference between wrong and right and further develops the skill of maturity in them. The students of Momentum Global School are trained from class 6th to 12th for cracking the competitive exams like JEE Mains and Advanced, NEET, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads, CA/CPT, CS, CLAT, and much more. 

Well-Furnished Labs:

Labs are the places where students get to learn in a very elaborate manner while actually working on them so they must be well designed and maintained. The labs of Momentum Global School meet all the expectations of the students. The labs of the school have all the facilities and modern equipment that will be needed by the students while practicing in the labs. They have maintained proper guidelines that are needed to be followed during the lab hours with discipline. 

Health is Happiness:

Health is the first priority for the school; you can easily find clean water and hygienic surroundings all around the school. The school ensures the presence of medical facilities and well-being awareness inside the premises as an essential component of students’ welfare. We also organized P.E training for the physical development of the students. 

Preparations Made for the Best:

We prepare our students for JEE main and advanced, NEET, CA, CPT, CS, CLAT, and IIT coaching. These are some of the toughest exams of India that require a lot of hard work and proper guidance. The students take coaching classes for the preparation of these exams so we prepare them for the exams to make them have a good base of the subjects. We groom our students in such a manner that it becomes easy for them to crack these examinations and excel in life with flying colors. 

Overall Development:

We focus on the overall development of the students because just studying won’t help in the holistic development of a student. We prepare the students to face all the future challenges with confidence. We organize extracurricular activities for the students to groom them in all spheres.

Education is Right:

The motive of this school is to provide each and every student’s education, as it is their right.

The school has the facilities of a hostel so that the students who stay far apart from the school can stay in the school itself and study.

The school is made in a spacious ground where all the students can avail different types of facilities like ground, mess, hostels, etc. 

Cooperation and Disciplined Life:

We teach our students how to cooperate with each other while staying at the same place; they also learn to lead a disciplined life, for the students, it will be mandatory to do their studies on time. Studies will be kept as a priority and no excuses will be made.

They will also get to learn how to be organized even if nobody is watching.

 Delicious Delicacy: 

The food provided to the students is healthy and delicious. We make sure that the students get nutritious food in every meal to maintain good health even if they are away from their homes. The students are even provided with snacks for a healthy life.

Digital Classes for the Advanced Students:

The world is growing at a faster pace with advanced technologies and digital services; we encourage students to keep pace with the fast-moving world. Our teachers take the lessons through digital classes so that the students get used to the updates in life.

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