Has the idea of seeking a mentor ever occurred to you? As students consider the different career options available around the world, they are often perplexed. All seems to be so daunting that deciding on a career path becomes difficult. A mentor will assist you no matter what the condition is.

A mentor may be a friend, a guide, a tutor, an advisor, an educator, a guru, or a coach, among other things. Mentors consider your best interests, knowledge, expertise, and gifts, assisting you in reaching your full potential. Mentors will help you achieve your career goals by providing you with knowledge, advice, and motivation.

Check out the list below to learn about some of the ways a mentor can assist you.

1- Offers professional advice: A mentor's position is critical because he or she offers professional advice and encouragement that can help you advance in your career. He or she aids in the evolution of your thought, shows you different directions, gives you guidance, and teaches you strategies for dealing with the problem in a different way.

Mentors assist you in bringing out the best in yourself. They assist you with your goals, interests, talents, and skills, and they work hard to find resources and outlets for you to develop them. He or she assists you in setting concrete goals for your future and motivates you to work hard. 

2- Aids in the discussion of tough decisions: Often all you need is someone to lend you a sympathetic ear, someone to give you advice and point you in the right direction, and that's exactly what a mentor does. A mentor has a different perspective and can give you advice without having a vested interest in the outcome. A mentor will help you discuss your choices and include the wisdom and experience required for quality opinions.

3- Assists in the quest for a new career: Mentors may assist in the career exploration process such as a career counsellor. You will talk to them about job options and get advice about how to achieve your goal. A mentor guides you in the right direction. They assist you in breaking out of your comfort zone, encouraging you to continue progressing and pushing you to try new things.

4- Give Confidence Boost: It's not uncommon for students to feel stressed and nervous due to a strict curriculum, frequent tests and assignments, and a lot of studying. It's likely that you made the wrong decision or that you're unable to fulfil the program's many challenges. Finding someone to inspire you at times like these will lift your morale and empower you to set higher goals.

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