At MGS, we endeavor to give the understudies legitimate consideration and that is of fundamental significance for us. We have our own armada of school transports, some of which are reevaluated. The Transport Facility at Momentum Global School is planned according to the wellbeing guidelines and run by experienced and talented drivers. Our workforce is exceptionally fastidious towards even the little requirements of students. 

Transportation Specialists

A transportation expense is charged for the more secure locally available excursion of your ward under the oversight of our prepared transportation specialist. We have exceptional courses of action in the transports if there should arise an occurrence of crisis, for instance, we have given cell phones to the transport drivers and orderlies to guarantee and keep up viability as far as administrations and correspondence. Aside from this, the specialists and educators in the transports are all around prepared in medical aid and other crisis circumstances. 

Safe Facility

When the morning drop-off has been done, the school transport in-control discovers with the assistance of watchmen that each and every transport has been cleared and no youngster is left in the transport, before the transports move to the stopping narrows. At dispersal time, students are taken to the school transport just as private vans in a gathering by a bunch of assigned instructors. The school sends a SMS to guardians if there should be an occurrence of transports behind schedule. Each transport has an instructor and a dedicated person watch present on the course. We make sure to provide the safe Transport Facility at Momentum Global School.

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