Grievance Redressal

Grievance Redressal at Momentum Global School is in a casual way i.e through direct oversight of the head. Be that as it may, in proper sense alongside the arrangement of idea boxes, the Grievance Redressal Cell in the school was made in 2014. The cell looks after the complaints held up by any understudy and judges its legitimacy. 

We Develop a Responsive Attitude

The Grievance Cell is likewise engaged to investigate matters of badgering. Anybody with a certified complaint may move toward the School Principal or address his/her complaints to the Students' Grievance Cell. If the individual is reluctant to show up in self, complaints might be dropped recorded as a hard copy at the letterbox/idea box of the Grievance Cell put at the Administrative Block of the school. The aim is to build up a responsive and responsible disposition among every one of the partners to keep an agreeable and instructive environment in the organization. 

Goals of the Complaint Redressal Cell 

Upholding the respect of the school by guaranteeing a conflict free environment in the school through advancing a genial Student-Student relationship and Student-instructor relationship and so forth. Encouraging the Students to communicate their complaints/issues openly and honestly with no dread of being defrauded. Suggestion/grumbling Box is introduced before the Administrative Block wherein the Students who need to stay mysterious set up as a written record their complaints and their ideas for improving the Academics/Administration in the school. Ragging in any structure is carefully restricted in and outside the establishment. Any infringement of ragging and disciplinary guidelines are desperately brought to notice of the School Principal.

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