Health and Hygiene

Guardians perpetually anticipate that their children should be in a learning environment that is protected, secure and sterile. To give clean, healthy, and hygienic learning spaces to the students, we at MGS ensure fundamental wash (water, sterilization, and cleanliness). Health and Hygiene at Momentum Global School are always taken very seriously and carefully.

Medical Facility & Hygiene Awareness

The worry for the well-being of children negates the major components of instruction and it can hardly be focused on sufficient that wellbeing and cleanliness are not nuances but rather key to any organization granting schooling. The presence of a medical facility and wellbeing awareness inside the premises is likewise essential. 

Health is Our First Priority

While designing and planning our school, the wellbeing viewpoint is the first in the undertaking. To adjust the wellbeing chart of school understudies and to stay away from any wellbeing emergency, school specialists are always ready for clinical consideration in the school grounds and have proper facilities to deal with wellbeing. Health and Hygiene at Momentum Global School is the main concern.

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