Music and Dance

Our objective is to make the learning of all styles of Indian music and dance simple, available, and energizing to students. The understudies are prepared for different projects, school capacities, and stage shows. Momentum Global School encourages the students to participate in Music and Dance in School.

We Prepared Students for Every Event

We follow an organized music preparing program. Hindustani vocal is given to the understudies from early long periods of joining. Different appraisals, certificates, introductions, and triumphs at different rivalries at region/zonal levels empower understudies to seek after music and dance. These bits of preparing are given during school hours making it simple and a good time for a wide range of events.

Deep Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

We have specialized music teachers and dance teachers that have skills, proficiency and experience in providing deep theoretical as well as practical knowledge to all the interested students. Some people for dance or music as a hobby or passion or some want to make it as their career option. We help students to enhance their skills.

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