Computer Lab

The Momentum Global School Computer Labs are furnished with the latest computers and laptops which are connected via the Local Area Network. All students have free admittance to the Laptops to do their task at any time. The fast availability of the internet allows our students to do their work at a faster speed.

Well-Equipped Labs

These labs are a vital piece of the educational program. In this online world, students are relied upon by PCs in their everyday work to meet the difficulties of current learning and to stay up with the worldwide situation. We at MGS are equipped with the Best Computer Lab in School in Gorakhpur for helping children to learn online without any difficulty.

One-on-One Access

The lab is devoted to meeting the educating, learning, and examination needs of the staff and students. We provide one-on-one access to computers to the students so that they can privately sit on the computer and gain the required skills and knowledge. Our experienced lab faculty guide students on each and every step.

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