Safety & Security

The safety and security of children in schools are a major concern at all levels. Momentum Global School creates a safe and secure environment in their school for ensuring that each and every child studying in the school feels safe and secure with the culture of safety measures and awareness. 

CCTV Installed on Campus

CCTV cameras are installed on the campus and each and every person entering the premises is captured inside the cameras. We are counted among the highly Safe School in Gorakhpur which keeps a record of every person entering or exiting the school. We ensure the safety of our students as well as our staff.

Holistic Approach for Safe Learning Environment

We follow the holistic approach to make sure that everyone on the school premises is safe and secure. Focusing on the 5 factors such as Physical safety, psychosocial safety, school transport and safety, background verification of staff and students, & visitor management system, we are able to provide a safe learning environment to all our students.

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