Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct at Momentum Global School guarantees that the school is a protected place where understudies learn great propensities, self-control, and thought for others that eventually lead to a superior future. The school has different principles and guidelines and understudies are needed to carefully hold fast to the set of accepted rules. Any rebelliousness with the school rules will prompt the excusal from the school. 

Rights and Responsibilities 

Directors and staff ensure to carry out the Code of Conduct decently, sensibly and, reliably. Instructors reserve a privilege to anticipate the collaboration of understudies. Anticipate the help of other staff and the organization in satisfying their duties. Keep up adaptability in their way to deal with study hall strategies and association inside the system of school strategy. 

Responsibilities of Teachers

Instructors have a responsibility to treat understudies reasonably and reliably, give a suitable scope of learning procedures, Create in understudies a mindfulness and comprehension of school rules, Follow the concurred approaches and systems of the school with respect to understudy the board, Speak with guardians and watchmen on issues identifying with the instructive turn of events and conduct of their students, etc.

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