Tips to Create a Mindful Classroom in a School

Tips to Create a Mindful Classroom in a School

Having a mindful classroom in a school, helps the children to learn how to train their attention to the present moment without worrying about the past and the future. Momentum Global School provides the children with the best classroom, with all the facilities, latest technology, and mindful class. It is the best school in Gorakhpur, UP. it was founded in 2004. Sanjeev Kumar (B.Tech, IIT-Dhanbad) is the founder of Momentum Global School. 

Momentum Global School creates a mindful classroom in a class. Adopting a mindful practice in the classroom helps the children for self-awareness, self-reflection, self-regulation, and sustained attention which helps teachers support ease and therefore become fully available to access their learning potential. Momentum Global School practices the following methods to create a mindful classroom in a school-

Get time to know your student:

Teachers should know their students, the passion and interest the children have This helps to create a general empathy and interest in the children. It will also make the children remember that teacher for a lifetime.

Create time for self-reflection: 

Ideally, school is the second home of the children. After their home, the most time spent by the student is in the school. So, the teachers in Momentum Global School are such that it helps the child to groom themself. While teaching they are provided with some think time, which allows the slow learner student to understand the topic a little better. 

Slow down:

In Momentum Global School, the teachers slow down their topics, they don't just run with the topic. They slow down and allow the children to understand what they have been taught

Momentum Global School is one of the top 10 schools in Gorakhpur. The faculties here are well trained and experienced. They help the children to set the goal from childhood and help the children in the best possible way to achieve their goals. 

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